EPA 608 Certification

EPA Section 608 CFC Certification Submittal Form or Test Request Form

Did you know that you are required to have at least one current employee on staff with an EPA 608 CFC certification in order to purchase R-22 or R-410A refrigerant? The certification number also needs to be on file at the wholesaler where the purchase of the freon is taking place. 

Details pertaining to this are located here.

Information regarding purchasing refrigerant from a wholesale distributor are located here.


ABR Wholesalers, Inc. offers a self study course to help become EPA Section 608 certified. We also are a testing center with a proctor on staff available by schedule. You can obtain access to free study tools at http://www.epatest.com or purchase a self study QT3000 kit from us that we keep in stock.

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Please use this convenient form to keep us updated with your technician EPA 608 CFC certification or to sign-up to have a technician complete the certification. 

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Please check the appropriate box. If you are requesting to become EPA Certified, the technician may pick up the packet at an ABR branch or we can ship the packet to your location. An exam time will need to be established. Our proctor will contact you.
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