Peerless Boilers Extended Warranties Now with Trinity

Peerless Boilers has announced their new partnership with Trinity for extended boiler warranties in the US. Click on this link to register with Trinity or to submit a new extended warranty sale.

Are you a current Cornerstone contractor? You will need to sign-up with Trinity to sell new extended warranties for Peerless Boilers.

Trinity's phone number is 877-302-5072

ABR Wholesalers, Inc.

Now stocking Polyflue Polypropylene Venting

ABR Wholesalers, Inc. is now stocking Polyflue polypropylene venting. ULC S636 listed, this product can handle temperatures up to 230 degrees F.

Polypropolyne venting is required on some boilers and in some specific installations. Check your installation manuals and look for the ULC S636 listing requirement or option. 

Polyflue comes in rigid or flexible pipe from 2" to 4". Rigid pipe comes in 10" - 79" lengths for easy transportation and handling.



Regional Standards Update on 80% Furnaces

Regional Standards Update

A motion has been approved that legally forbids the Department of Energy from enforcing the furnace standard in the Northern Region that was due to take effect May 1, 2013. Should the court decide to enact the standard, there will be a six month delay before enforcement can begin.

Here is a link from HARDI with the court's decision. 

Essentially, 80% furnaces that were unable to be installed May 1, 2013, now can be installed without legal consequence for at least six months, or six months from the date that the court makes a final ruling on the standard.

DOE forgo enforcing Northern Region 90% Standards - April 5, 2013

In a statement by the DOE, they have agreed to forgo enforcing the 90% non-weatherized furnace Northern regional standards ruling while litigation is in process. This means that the law will still take effect on May 1, however, the DOE will not enforce the ruling until the court has made their final decision.

Link to the DOE statement on the May 1, 2013 enforcement.

Please contact your salesperson or branch to check stock on 80% furnaces.