Honeywell Air-Cleaner New Look


Honeywell is excited to announce a redesigned door on the F100 and F300 Air Cleaners. This update represents our modern and consistent look across the Honeywell Indoor Air Quality product portfolio. The new design shares the same color and stylistic elements as the other IAQ products, and is fully compatible with the customizable TrueHOME™ contractor labels. In addition to the cosmetic changes, the new door has an improved air gasket that may result in an average reduction of air loss through the door of 37%. For contractors that are under pressure from Energy Star regulations, the new F100 door will make it easier for them to pass their stringent leakage requirements.

The TrueHOME™ comfort solutions label program helps you customize TrueEASE™ Humidifiers, TrueCLEAN™ Air Cleaners TrueFRESH™ Ventilation Systems, and now the F100 and F300 air cleaners with a company logo and contact information so homeowners know exactly who to call for service or replacement parts. Information about the TrueHOME™ custom label program is attached here and is also available for download on the Contractor Pro website. For your dealers that wish to order more of the private label doors, please help alert them of this change and sell them your new stock of F100 air cleaners when they arrive. You can view our F100 Sell Sheet here.

The new product began shipping the first week in February. The part numbers are not changing, so you will automatically begin receiving the new style door as soon as inventory of the current product is depleted.

We appreciate your business and look forward to growing our Indoor Air Quality businesses together.

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