Blown Fuses? There's a Tool for That.

By: Peter Kirtschej, Service Coordinator, ABR Wholesalers, Inc.

September 30, 2013

How many times have you been on a service call and burned up a handful of fuses?  For chasing a short in a low voltage circuit, add a resettable fuse popper to your tool bag!  ABR Wholesalers carries 3-amp and 5-amp poppers.  Just plug the popper into the board and test away - it will trip when there is a direct short to ground or is over-amped. 

Use the multi meter to check for continuity between two points.  If you have a couple of ohms resistance and there is a tone emitted, that means there is a connection between point A and point B.  If you are reading more than a couple ohms resistance and there is no tone emitted, then there is no connection. 

 While chasing shorts on a HVAC system, be sure to check the thermostat wires for any cuts or broken sheathing.  Sometimes the wires are pulled tight over sharp edges, wrapped around a nail, or stapled too tight.  Simply walking on the floor that is over the joist space where the wire is secured can cause the wire to wear through or cut on an edge.  Always keep your eyes open, and be sure to stop into ABR to pick up a multi meter and resettable fuse popper.


UEI Multi meter model no.: UTL33T  

 3-amp popper model no.: G33-039 / POP3

5-amp popper model no.: G33-040 / POP5


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